Old Farts Community

Old Farts Community is a Counter Strike: Source gaming community with a focus on wholesome fun for gamers of nearly all ages. Join our CS:S server for a high performance experience including: custom maps, modified grenades, and throwing knives.

We aim to provide nothing but the best custom CS:S gaming experience out there. With over 300 custom maps, modified grenades & flashbangs, throwing knives and more...we are confident we can deliver. OFC is simply the best on the Internet.

Featured Video

Please get in touch with an Admin in our Discord server in order to have your video featured here


Top Tier Anticheat, and a team of excellent Administrators to back it up

At OFC we understand the need to play in a fun--but secure environment. Our Administration team works hard to remove trolls, spammers, cheaters, and other would-be rule breakers before they ruin your gaming experience.

Our experienced team monitors our server anticheat client, logs, and reviews demos of reported players. Additionally, you may use the command /calladmin in-game to report infractions in realtime.


OFC Screenshots

A hand-picked selection of screenshots from our Community. Be sure to share your images with us in Discord to be featured here on the website.